The day after


Here we are. The day after the race. It was 21 km in 2h and 04 minutes. Enough to be the first time. But i completed the race thanks to the company. From here i have to say tks bro. Let’s go to analyze the race. It was a perfect day for running, 16 ºC degrees in the beginning cloudy, and later when it finished the race, in the finish line it was a sunny and perfect day to go to the beach and rest for the effort.

I should say a 10 for the organitation. It was 15€  well-paid. Water, sponges every 5 and 10 km, volunteers everywhere to help you. Food, water, isotonic drinks, lemon ice-cream in the end. Perfect.

My time was 2 hours and 04 minutes. Not bad for the first time, not enough good for the trainings. Really good for the company. I thought on friday that it was going to run alone. But i received a call at 2200 and a question. Are you going to run for fun ? I said yes. So i had company. The best i could imagine, my brother. He was training for make 1 hour and 30. He saw it was impossible for him make this time. So he didn’t care to make more time and that’s how we run together. Here it’s the proof.

Now, the day after I’m resting from yesterday’s day. Taking a lot of sugar and making stretching to recuperate my body  for completely. Tomorrow I will go running again just to don’t lose the rhythm and thinking to make the next year less than 2 hours but not alone. Not alone. Thanks bro.



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